Whether this is your first time, or your current headshot needs an update, you've made the right decision to invest in a professional look. It shows you care about yourself, your position, and how people view you. You will have your headshot for use on your website, business cards, email signature, and more. Headshot Session Pricing

Studio Headshot Sessions

Fees are based on one person per image. For images with multiple subjects, add $25 per person.  Turnaround time for individuals usually is a day, and usually a week or less for large groups.

  • 1-headshot session  - $150  
  • 2-headshot session  - $250  
  • 3-headshot session  - $340  
  • 4-headshot session  - $430  
  • 5-headshot session  - $500  


Files are sized and cropped to your specifications. You have the opportunity to see and approve or suggest changes prior to receiving the finished product. Turnaround time is about a day.


Click HERE for a "play by play" on the whole process for studio headshots.

Individual Headshots on Location:

Add $25+, depending on the location and amount of equipment needed.


Multiple Corporate Headshots on Location:

  • Minimum of $200 for up to two hours, plus:
  • $50 per head shot file with basic editing (exposure, color correction, cropping);
  • One person per image.
  • $25 additional per file for advanced retouching (skin softening, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, removing lint from clothing, etc.)
  • Standard mileage rates may apply beyond 20 miles one way.
  • Pay initial $200 retainer now and be invoiced later, or discuss details in a free consultation.


Normally about 12 persons can be accommodated per hour (one every 5 minutes).  A company representative should be on hand to help with paperwork and have people in queue.

Group photos or photos of the business environment are extra and should be requested at the time of booking.



Booking/Cancellation Fees and Sales Tax Information

All initial session fees for head shots are as stated above.  $50 of the session fee is charged up front as a non-refundable retainer to hold the session date & time.  For individual sessions, balance will be charged the day of the session.  Terms will be worked out for large groups on location. Additional products ordered beyond the photo credit will incur 6% Ky sales tax.


Click Here for Tips on What to Wear for Your Headshot Session


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