What Is a Hand-Rendered Mixed Media Painting?

A special, one-of-a-kind portrait!

Unlike certain digital painting effects that can be achieved with a few mouse clicks, these portraits are created by extracting a subject from a photograph, often placing it on a complementary background, then creating a painting based on the photograph, using a special art pen and tablet with a variety of specialty brushes.  This technique closely imitates traditional oil painting, and the result can be made more photographic or more painterly.  The painting process can take several hours or more, depending on the difficulty of the subject and the quality of the original photograph.
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What Kind of Photograph Can Be Painted?

I can create a painting from your favorite personal photograph, including ones made with your phone, or one that I made in a studio session.*  The better the quality of the photo, and the larger the subject in the frame, the better your results will be.  I also am able to combine multiple subjects into one painting.  The nice thing about these paintings is that you don't have to travel to my location to commission one.  I can have finished paintings on canvas shipped directly to you.



Each painting is commissioned, so prices will vary.  If you want me to create a painting for you, you pay a non-refundable retainer for me to do that. The final quote will be based on the estimated time to create the painting** and the cost of the canvas, which is the medium strongly recommended for best results.  My portraits are printed on 1.5-inch deep gallery wraps (stretched canvas) through one of several professional labs.  They are artist signed (printed on the canvas usually in the lower right side). Sizes start at 20" on the long side.  Paintings may be shipped to you within the United States or locally, you may pick them up at my studio.


How to Commission a Painting

Contact me and tell me what you have in mind in terms of the subject and size you want for printing. Send me the image that you want painted, and I will provide you with a quote.  You pay the retainer and I create the painting.  You will be able to view your painting online before it is ordered. You give me permission to use your painting, along with the original photograph, on my web site or in print media, in order to display my work for others to view.

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*(I must decline painting photographs professionally made by another photographer without the explicit written permission from that photographer to use and make artistic edits to that image.)

**The amount of time it takes to create a painting depends on the quality of the original photograph, the difficulty of the subject, and the number of subjects in the painting. 

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